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don't let the bastards grind you down.

Non illigitamus carborundum
6 September 1977
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I'm a quarter century as of 2002, I'm a single father, I'm divorced, I earned a commission in the United States Marine Corps, I have a college degree (Science, not Arts), I have a career as a programmer, but I do some work on the side, I have horrible credit because of the USMC (wasn't making what I had been!!!), I've been to Europe and WILL be back, I have a keen family, I'm moderately healthy, I'm pretty damn intelligent, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, and I'm pretty sure I will die through my own stupidity.

2004 edit: nothing new to report, although i'm hoping that instead of dying through my own stupidity, i die heroically saving my family from something tragic and painful. i've become quite the drama queen.

2006 edit: holy shit! i got married. melissa is awesome, my kid is coming along awesomely, and i moved to tampa. the job is great, the work is laidback and fun. my credit is doing awesome, prolly gonna buy a house soon. the only thing that would make this sweeter is ... i'm not sure! maybe the ability to travel around the world.

wait, i did that this past summer !!! hot damn!

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