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hot hot heat | touch you touch you h.i.m. | right here in my… - don't let the bastards grind you down.
hot hot heat | touch you touch you
h.i.m. | right here in my arms
cursive | a gentleman caller
the 20 go to 10 | 10 start program
desaparecidos | mall of america
the murder city devils | 18 wheels
head automatica | at the speed of a yellow bullet
the crayons black and white
further seems forever | say it ain't so
bright eyes | we are free men
deathcab for cutie | styrofoam plates
i hate myself | to a husband at war
pedro the lion | the longer i lay here
john crayon | ten years from now
the decemberists | a cautionary song
glassjaw | the number no good things can come of
king of like spitting | crossover potential
john prine | yes i guess they oughta name a drink after you
rilo kiley | with arms outstretched
elvis costello + the attractions | black and white world
the impossibles | connecticut
self | what a fool believes

edit: fixed death cab rating.
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