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tmbg? - don't let the bastards grind you down.
Saw TMBG last week...pretty cool...I'm glad they don't consider Florida to be a worthless peninsula..there were actually a LOT of people there. It was held at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Fun. Went with my sister.

The funny part is that I saw some people I wanted to talk to and she was like "Dude, they're 16." And I had to stop and think "Damn...and I haven't been 16 for 8 years now..."

I tend to hate the camaraderie rituals that are expected of 20-somethings. I think we all do, come to think of it. Florida is officially worse than NJ for that...MANY more fratboys and hardbodies and stuff. What do you expect from a beach state? At least in California you have places like San Francisco and Silicon Valley and Berkeley. We don't have any balancing factors here.

So the show was great; again they didn't play "Ana Ng". I didn't remember Flans ever cursing before, but this time he did. Weird.

A friend of mine is about five months pregnant (watch out everybody....it's contagious, I'm telling you... this is number 5 to be conceived since Colleen got pregnant) and she's gonna let me do timelapse photography of her stomach getting bigger. I only wish I thought about this four months ago. Sigh.
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