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are you ready for some football? - don't let the bastards grind you down.
are you ready for some football?

philly vs. tampa bay 2 weeks in a row. one week here, one week there.

normally, i'd say tampa bay had the edge....then last year's first round playoffs happened... then the 2001 season happened....so admittedly i wasn't too sure.

but then the last few weeks have really brought about a turnaround in tampa bay. sure the eagles lost to the 49ers...but they're kicking ass this year...they've one four out of their last five....but that's the chiefs, chargers, redskins, and giants...and they almost lost some of those games.

tampa bay's won the last six of seven. they lost to the bears, who're kicking ass this year. but they beat the rams...arguable the best team in football. they beat the bengals and lions, who were both tough and played to the end...but frankly, they really should have beaten anyway. but then they beat the saints and ravens, two really great teams.

i think tampa bay has more going for them right now. philly's doing great, yes, but i don't see them as being as good of a team. doesn't mean they're not going to win.

i think it's a dead heat...but i give tampa bay the edge.
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