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christmas week - don't let the bastards grind you down.
christmas week
Okay...so I've been in Arkansas for a week. I hate southerners, in general. My in-laws are okay, on the whole...but there's an entire drunken/military/hunter vibe I don't like. Don't get me started on the trucks. But I digress.

Before I flew into Arkansas, I saw this in Tampa, here, in this kind of theater. 14,000 watts of Balrog stomping. I vibrated whenever he took a step. Literally. The screen was 80 feet wide. 8 STORIES OF GANDALF. It was a little over 4 stories tall. Come ON now.

I saw it again Christmas Day at the normal movie theater. Definately a different experience.

Christmas was fun...all kinds of nieces and nephews around to enjoy the holidays with. NICE. It was Evie's first Christmas...all kinds of clothes and teddy bears and stuff. Giant Mickey and Minnie...like, 5 times bigger than her. Man, I pine for the days when I could have stuffed animals be 5 times bigger than me.

Almost got in a fight at my grand-mother-in-law's house. There's some punk friend of my wife's brother whom I was getting along with fine...he's a nice guy, etc., and Colleen really likes him. Then he had to go and stay some stupid shit to her...and when you're married...well, the rules change, and there's a whole range of shit you're not supposed to tolerate anymore. So I didn't even know what the guy looked like, but I figured it out, and I asked him to step outside. I confronted him, said that I wanted an apology or there were going to be problems, and he said he didn't remember, and my father-in-law came outside and said "not on christmas, and not at my mom's house". The punkass said sorry, and apologized to me, saying he didn't want any bad blood. He later played the tough guy and told my wife "I only said sorry cause your dad was there" but whatever...he's a punk and if he has a problem, well, I called him out on it, and he pussed out.

I kinda would have liked to have gotten the chance to kick his ass. He's a big boy, and it would have been a challenge...but it would have been fun.

So that was Christmas....between The Lord of The Rings at IMAX, to Christmas with a bunch of kids (including my own!!!) and a chance to almost kick somebody's ass...well, it was one of the best I can remember!!

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