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don't let the bastards grind you down.
i love me some john doe.
but it got cancelled...it had one of the friday night death slots on fox...but it was actually picked up for a whole season at least.

But at Fox's fall press preview this week, Berman told the site that she had discussed Doe's underlying premise with creators Brandon Camp and Mike Thompson. The secret: Doe was just a regular guy. "[According to the show], when you're very close to death, when you're seeing the white light, God or a higher being gives you all the information of life to carry on to the next life," Berman said. Doe was about to die, but for whatever reason, he lived after being imparted with that knowledge, she said. The shadowy people who were after Doe knew what happened to him and were trying to keep him from discovering it himself, Berman added.

that's pretty cool! doesn't explain his weird implant, though.
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innocentbastard From: innocentbastard Date: July 18th, 2003 02:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
THe way it was written supposedly they had planned on strecthing the series out for several years and finally revealing the truth in the last year. God I hate Fox sometimes.
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