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to quote goofy..."there's something wrong here" - don't let the bastards grind you down.
to quote goofy..."there's something wrong here"
from imdb.com

A substantial segment -- 46 percent -- of the American public believes that the news media are becoming too critical of America and that such criticism is weakening national defense, according to findings by a Pew Research Center poll. The vast majority of those surveyed -- 70 percent -- also believes that the media ought to take a more pro-American stand in its reporting of the U.S. actions in Iraq and the war on terrorism. The Pew survey further found that those who are the most critical of the media are likely to be devotees of the Fox News Channel.

OY! fox news has too much control over the populace. for fuck's sake....damnit, american's are dumb.
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qed From: qed Date: July 14th, 2003 01:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
In other breaking news, those people that are most critical of American policy in Iraq are likely to read Slashdot.

The fact that 70% of those surveyed think the news media is too critical of America is probably cause for concern, but the fact that the people who are farthest to the Right watch Fox News just tells you Fox News'demographic. If "most" critical means top 10%, then I don't think it's Fox News exerting any particular influence, it's just people who are conservative anyway watching Fox News.

Actually, the fact that 70% of the people surveyed thought the news was biased in one direction tells you the liberal media is pushing a message that many Americans don't agree with. Regardless whether you think that's good or bad, seems like any net effect of media bias is likely to push towards the left.
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