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sooo....the uss ronald reagan goes live tomorrow. a choice quote:… - don't let the bastards grind you down.
sooo....the uss ronald reagan goes live tomorrow. a choice quote:

"After the next carrier, the George H.W. Bush, the Navy intends to unveil a new design; it will be roughly the size of a Nimitz-class ship but with automated systems that could cut the ship's company of 3,200 by one-third or more and a new reactor able to power electromagnetic catapults and directed-energy weapons. "

So...the next carrier after the Bush I will have directed-energy weapons. FANTASTIC.

So what are they going to name her? Seems like we're using presidents for carriers, now, and have been for some time. We're doing Reagan and Bush....so does that mean that the next carrier will be the Carter or the Clinton?

Oh, wait...you can only have a warship named after you if you're a republican....think it will be the Dubya? It'll become operational in 2014...might be too soon to have the Dubya...but knowing politicians like I do, I bet they'll push it through if they want.

Or will it be the Lyndon B. Johnson? No, wait!!! It'll be the fucking Richard M. Nixon! Good Grief!!

though, considering it'll have directed-energy weapons, i vote for the SDF-1.
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