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What, do I LOOK like I work here? I mean, shit...Just cause I'm… - don't let the bastards grind you down.
What, do I LOOK like I work here?

I mean, shit...Just cause I'm going grocery shopping before work, and so am dressed in Khaki pants and really really nice shirt, you think I WORK here?

What, do I have a name tag and an apron and a stupid fucking hat?

Man, some things just piss me off no end.

On the shittier side of things...one of my best friends just got laid off up in NYC. Good Luck, man.

I might have some big news soon. Next few months might just be KILLER. No, it's not another kid.
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kohmu From: kohmu Date: November 6th, 2001 11:39 am (UTC) (Link)
heh. shit happens to me, too.

usually, there's like a second before where you know it's going to happen. i take that time to reflect on the rest of humanity. then i politely point them in another direction and off they go. it's amazing how foolish some people are.

innocentbastard From: innocentbastard Date: January 9th, 2002 08:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
I get that all the time too, and I always make the mistake of going into Blockbuster in Blue and cacky and Target n red and cacky...depending on my mood I either help the person or hurt the company's business...:)
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