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bah - don't let the bastards grind you down.
Why is it that when I try to clarify somebody about their job, I get in trouble?

One of the ladies in QA, that tests the application I work on, had a few questions. I'm used to her being non-confrontational and so not asking me any questions, so I go over there and explain the various bullets she needs to hit.

Well, I talk to my boss immediatly afterwards letting her know that I gave QA a bit of clarification on a few points. Well she gets in a tizzy and calls QA up and tells her to not do what I tell her and just concentrate on what she was told to do in the first place.

Hrm...I didn't tell her to do anything differently. But QA didn't even realize that. She's just like "Oh, okay". Like in agreement.

Then I have to go over, with my boss, what I told QA. It turns out I did the right thing by clarifying some of the things QA needed to do, because there were things my boss forgot to mention.

Go figure.
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