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from a comment left on metafilter: - don't let the bastards grind you down.
from a comment left on metafilter:
This is from a thread about how American's don't know about other countries...not even other English speaking countries.

"What you wrote reminded me of a passage of G. Spencer Brown's--

Unfortunately we find systems of education today which have departed so far from the plain truth, that they now teach us to be proud of what we know and ashamed of ignorance. This is doubly corrupt. It is corrupt not only because pride is a mortal sin, but also because to teach pride in knowledge is to put up an effective barrier against any advance upon what is already known, since it makes one ashamed to look beyond the bonds imposed by one's ignorance."

NICE. Often not true, I think, if only because of blind ambition....people wanting to have a little piece of something new to call their own, whether it be a scientist or an author, etc.....but usually true for most Americans...it's endemic to the public school system, I'll tell you that much.
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