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stolen from a longer piece found here: By these terrible means,… - don't let the bastards grind you down.
stolen from a longer piece found here:

By these terrible means, they will create a world where war conducted
by any country but the United States will seem simply too risky and
the Great American Peace will begin. Unregulated Global Corporatism
will be the only permissible ideology, every human will have access
to McDonald¹s and the Home Shopping Network, all ³news² will come
through some variant of AOLTimeWarnerCNN, the Internet will be run by
Microsoft, and so it will remain for a long time. Peace. On Prozac.
If I were in charge, this is neither the flavor of peace I would
prefer nor the way I would achieve it. But if I¹d been in charge back
in 1983, there might still be a Soviet Union and we might all still
be waiting for the world to end in fifteen nuclear minutes.
Of course, I could be completely wrong about this. Maybe they
actually are possessed of a madness to which there is no method.
Maybe they really do intend to invade Iraq and for no more noble
reason than giving American SUVs another 50 years of cheap gas.
We¹ll probably know which it¹s going to be sometime in the next

Interesting point of view I agree is most likely. Kinda sucky to think that the only way to have peace is to live in McWorld....and to be honest, I believe that the push towards creating a McWorld is a big part of the hostility against us.
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