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Has the SecDef ignored the principles of war? - don't let the bastards grind you down.
Has the SecDef ignored the principles of war?
Here are the nine principles of war:

Mass - having a large enough force to get the job done. Unequivocally ignored.
Objective - having an actual objective. They thought they had one (take Baghdad, get rid of Hussein) but that didn't do anything for them. The American people thought they should have had a different one (OBL). Currently ignored.
Offensive - go after them before they go after you. Not ignored, but not done properly.
Security - make sure your own force is secure first. Completely ignored...can somebody say "uparmoved HMMV?"
Economy of Force - don't use too many folks and leave yourself in a weakened position. Ignored completely...what are we afraid of, the Canadians or Mexicans?
Maneuver - take the high ground. Not ignored...we have every major city, etc.
Unity of Command - utterly ignored. The SecDef doesn't listen to his advisors so his company commanders have to do their own thing to get results.
Surprise - shock and awe, what have you. Not ignored in the beginning...but now everybody knows what's going on and where our forces are. Simplicity - Keep it Simple Stupid. Not really ignored in the beginning, though everything's a charlie foxtrot now and those are always complicated.
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