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Okay, here's my fantasy mack-daddy itinerary...for anybody who cares… - don't let the bastards grind you down.
Okay, here's my fantasy mack-daddy itinerary...for anybody who cares to come down, what do you think?:

September 26-29th, 2002

Thursday, Sept. 26th:

Pick up people at TPA or SRQ. They're beautiful airports, and cheap as fuck. It's amazing how good TPA is...it's routinely among the top 3 airports in the country...it's number 1 sometimes, too.

Hang out at my mom's, do the suburban thing, play X-Box, drive around town, etc...if my sister's working we'll definately hit the mall and bother her. This is also when we all get to play with Evie.

Hit Ybor city, people watch, get a drink or two. Thursday night is a college party night, and school's back in....it could be a very interesting time. Perhaps hit the Dale Mabry strip, if only so we can have something to compare to Pure Platinum.

Crash at mom's.

Friday, Sept. 27th:

Rent a Benz, as long as we have enough mileage...They don't usually rent luxury with unlimited mileage. If we can't, perhaps we can get a nice Escalade or Expedition with unlimited mileage.

Head to my place, stop off and get something to eat and clothes and stuff. Perhaps see my office and/or other piddly shit.

Head to Ft. Lauderdale. Stop by whereever we're gonna sleep and check-in/say hi. Drop whoever off there so I can go commit ritual seppuku as I drop Evie off at her moms for the weekend.

Eat dinner. Either get BBQ, cause it's a southern thing, or perhaps spend a huge amount going to Shula's Steak house or something. They have a 4-pound slab of beef that costs 70 bucks but if you eat it you get your name on the wall next to famous people.....and they refund the 70 bucks. Cool gamble, maybe worth it for Steve.

Cruise the A1A down to South Beach in the evening. Ah, now you see why we rented a nice car. You will meet some FINE latin ladies...not to mention seeing some cool architecture and generally have a fun ride.

Saturday, Sept. 28th:

Ft. Lauderdale beach. Again, school's back in, and it's starting to become in season, so there will be tourists and thongs. Word. Should be pretty packed. Perhaps we'll do a little drive to Port Everglades or Port Miami (or both) and check out the biggest cruise ships in the world. I like doing that, don't ask me why...perhaps cause they're 40-50 FUCKING STORIES HIGH. Maybe hit the water taxi and see zillions of mansions on the back bay. It's a nice little ride.

Perhaps go to South Beach. It's a pretty crappy place during the day, too crowded by half...but at the very southern tip, women get topless. But then again, so do gay guys.

Eat/crash....maybe go down to Key Largo or Islamorada, just so everybody can say they've been to the Florida Keys.

Hit Pure Platinum, the best strip joint on the East Coast (as far as I'm concerned). Go to the A1A in Ft. Lauderdale and do some people watching.

Sunday, Sept. 29th:

Drive back to Tampa. Ugh 4 hours. Chill for a bit, depending on when people are flying out. I'm gonna watch the Tampa Bay game at 4pm, if I can, on my Mom's big screen TV. It's a nice time. Perhaps chill in the pool, etc. Drop off the car.


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area_man From: area_man Date: August 23rd, 2002 08:11 am (UTC) (Link)


Very nice plan. I'm game.
swolfe From: swolfe Date: August 23rd, 2002 08:57 am (UTC) (Link)
i don't eat cow flesh any more.

anyhow...i may be able to make it, but i won't know for sure until september starts...i'll let you know.
chaos4675 From: chaos4675 Date: August 23rd, 2002 09:36 am (UTC) (Link)
Vegetarian or just gave up on cows?
swolfe From: swolfe Date: August 23rd, 2002 10:39 am (UTC) (Link)
lacto-ova vegetarian....and i eat crustaceans and fish..

i did break down and have a couple cheese burgers while in europe, but that's cause i was starving and i needed some high coloric meals..
taumeson From: taumeson Date: August 23rd, 2002 12:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
eh, Shula's and Sonny's both have salad bars :)

have you gotten a chance to eat at Sonny's Real Pit BBQ? i just had lunch there..it's some good shit.
taumeson From: taumeson Date: August 23rd, 2002 09:27 am (UTC) (Link)
word is bond, fellas.

i invited aaron too...not that he's gonna make it or anything..it's the thought that counts.

jessica, what do you think? would you want to attend our hedonistic weekend?

6 comments or Leave a comment