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so, here i am in chicagoland. i flew out to pick up evie this… - don't let the bastards grind you down.
so, here i am in chicagoland. i flew out to pick up evie this weekend, and then flew to my dad's house on sunday. sunday night and pretty much all day yesterday we were down at the pool. today we're going to go to navy pier and hang out there.

this evening we'll be going to dick's last resort for dinner. we're taking our own car, so if sandy wants to head home for one reason or another, she'll be free to take the van.

eliot's girlfriend is here...first time meeting her. she looks a lot better than her pictures. as in, she's pretty fucking hot.
so tomorrow or thursday we'll be trucking into indiana to visit grandma and grandpa. haven't seen them in a while. i gotta knock my cousins around a bit because they're fucking up at life. there's nobody in the hills of indiana who's providing a good example for them. i can't really do it, but hopefully i can give them something to shoot for.

after that we're going to melissa's sister's house. they just had a boy. melissa's family mostly has girls...my family mostly has boys. but i've already had a girl and melissa's family has already gotten this generation's boy; i have no idea what we're gonna have when the time comes.

anyway, that's it for this installment.
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