Non illigitamus carborundum (taumeson) wrote,
Non illigitamus carborundum

i went on a field trip today. (nsf 56k or my webhost)

we parked around the corner and were confronted first by an interesting handpainted van. "stop the judicial tyranny"...right, cause if you don't agree with them, you must be a tyrant. the hypocrisy of their beliefs is astounding.

make sure you get your kids involved.

woah. crazy religious conservatives have long haired hippies too!

the first guy to think my "faux news" shirt meant "fox news"

the police had a strong presence as well, starting about 200 feet away from the hospice.

hey look, it's those people who the media keep snapping pictures of! cause they have red duct tape! i asked them to "say cheese". they didn't find that very amusing, i assume.

this place is beautiful. oh, except for the cop car.

ah, the spectacle.

i got yelled at by this cop for touching the hospice's property (the property in question was a little grassy patch next to the sidewalk...i stepped on it to take some pictures).

here begins the interesting homemade signs, most of which made no sense. terri is not a carrot? gov bush GOD save terri?

you must be in the wrong and so are the majority of people in america. how to display your hatred for due process? upside down flag of course.

hey, token black guy!

ignorant diagnoses were common.

hey bushies, can i count on you to protest at mcdill once this is over? also, here are the first few people to notice i probably wasn't there for solidarity, and they were waiting for me to do something film-worthy.

i'm not sure why shame is written in blood. i think it has to do with the 100,000 iraqis we've killed, or the children and retarded people we've killed with lethal injection. i might be wrong, though.

the width of this one makes a sign look like "mike for murder!" sorry about that mike. i guess.

michael schiavo, you respect the sanctity of marriage after all this time!! you are scum!

this guy was tube fed. and he likes oranges.

this was one of the best posters there. in all seriousness it's pretty profound. melodramatic, yes, and obviously we're talking about a vegetable here and not a full-capacity human...but still it's a great poster.

hey, the spectacle from the other end!

more media tents

ah yes, somebody godwin'd the protest.

christian iconography was rampant. what the fuck is that star thingy?

kill judges that disagree with us! uh, i mean impeach rogue judges!

wait, i have a news blurb....

her skin pis peeling!

hmm..i thought making a lame protest to get yourselves on TV was selfishness. apparently i was wrong.

wasn't this guy on tv?

police presence

fascism in america...when you want your executive branch in control with a puppet congress and have no checks and balances

this is my ode to lynddie england.
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