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i've been reading a lot about gretchen wilson lately. i admire the… - don't let the bastards grind you down.
i've been reading a lot about gretchen wilson lately. i admire the lady's tenacity.

i loathe what she's about, though. somehow in pushing for self-acceptance we've gone from asking women to be okay with their bodies and not starve themselves to allowing people to be okay with being one of the worst parts of society. she (along with compatriots like kid rock) embrace their redneckery and exploit it. where's our bill cosby to come out and say "get a fucking education, get a job"?

now, listen, folks, it's not about BEING a redneck that's awful. there's nothing wrong with the traditional redneck pursuits, fucking around with cars and fishing and hunting and football and what have you. i'm the intellectual out of all my friends...they would be "rednecks" by most standards, and that's cool. some of the nicest, most intelligent people i know happen to love construction cause they work with their hands and can make $100K a year down here. it's all good.

but the hypocrisy evident in many of the superchristian households down here with their teenage unwed mothers, crazy bouts of drunkenness and institutional intolerance make me want to vomit, and those are the bits of redneckery that i am disgusted with singers like wilson and kid rock for exploiting. great, you came from the trailer..okay, want a fucking cookie? you've obviously risen above it, and now you're singing about the fact that you're a badass. well, okay, that's just idiotic.

i find no difference between somebody embracing their redneck heritage instead of rising above it and with somebody who embraces their ghetto roots and glorifying violence on their brethren.
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