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had a good time last night. i was the butt of many jokes at work… - don't let the bastards grind you down.
had a good time last night. i was the butt of many jokes at work today because of my 4 hours of sleep.

i must say...i sweated a little bit too much last night. not in a good way, you pervs. it was HOT in that parking garage.

and yeah, so i cursed to a 12 year old girl. they were cursing too and we were getting along well. i have charisma, what can i say? she let me borrow money afterwards :)

an unfortunate circumstance i've been noticing recently, what with hanging out with people in europe, is that i can meet and greet REALLY WELL, but as soon as i spend more than 5 minutes with someone, i don't know how to act. this goes double with women. i didn't used to be this bad...i think i got so used to colleen and her craziness, that i'm a little bit confused....i'm used to acting to her crazy attitude, which doesn't work in real life. which is why i don't have a problem with guys so much.

whatever...food for thought :)
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