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the "Fala" speech from FDR There were some—in the Congress and… - don't let the bastards grind you down.
the "Fala" speech from FDR

There were some—in the Congress and out—who raised their voices against our preparations for defense—before and after 1939 —objected to them, raised their voices against them as hysterical war mongering, who cried out against our help to the Allies as provocative and dangerous. We remember the voices. They would like to have us forget them now. But in 1940 and 1941— my, it seems a long time ago—they were loud voices. Happily they were a minority and—fortunately for ourselves, and for the world—they could not stop America.

There are some politicians who kept their heads buried deep in the sand while the storms of Europe and Asia were headed Our way, who said that the lend-lease bill "would bring an end to free government in the United States," and who said, "only hysteria entertains the idea that Germany, Italy, or Japan contemplates war on us." These very men are now asking the American people to intrust to them the conduct of our foreign policy and our military policy.

What the Republican leaders are now saying in effect is this: "Oh, just forget what we used to say, we have changed our minds now— we have been reading the public opinion polls about these things and now we know what the American people want." And they say: "Don't leave the task of making the peace to those old men who first urged it and who have already laid the foundations for it, and who have had to fight all of us inch by inch during the last five years to do it. Why, just turn it all over to us. We'll do it so skillfully- that we won't lose a single isolationist vote or a single isolationist campaign contribution."

politics as usual, folks. not to compare GWII to WWII, or anything..i'm just interested in the politics of opposition. it's a tough thing to do, and all sides needs to realize that when you're set up to oppose somebody on the grounds that you're different, and for that reason only, so that the american people have a choice, you're going to look dumb and unpopular sometimes.

also, it seems like republicans are very big on voting against programs, and then taking credit for them.
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