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truth in advertising - don't let the bastards grind you down.
truth in advertising
in australia, harley davidsons aren't allowed to say they're Made in America, because they're assembled from foreign parts.

honda motorcycles, on the other hand, don't have that stipulation, because they ARE made in america from american parts.

fucked up.

today the nurses that sit next to me are lamenting the fact that american hospitals and medical groups are 5-8 years behind the rest of the world when it comes to classifying diseases. we're still using "ICD-9" classifications left over from decades past even though the rest of the world is on "ICD-10". why? insurance companies. blue cross blue shield, for isntance, says it'd take 14 BILLION dollars to change everything over.


didn't hang out with the chica this weekend. she had too much to do to go to disney with us, so she decided to run errands instead, and hang out at night. then, her friends didn't feel like goign to tampa, so we were maybe goign to go to sarasota. then, her friends decided to stay home, so she just hung out with them.

now, i wasn't goign to drive to sarasota, but it really sucks that she ditched. i saw her yesterday, cause i had to work and she had to stop by with her laptop, and i dunno. things weren't strained, but i didnt' get a flirty vibe from her. she looked good in the dress she tried on, though it was a little tight, but i simply didn't get a feeling either way.

anyway, she's goign to borrow a friend's black and white dress, so we're going to be ultra formal this weekend. i still have no idea what to expect, nor what awaits us. i dont' know if we're headed for a ball like in titanic or whether this will be more laid back like a prom.

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