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fender bender at smoot 162 - don't let the bastards grind you down.
fender bender at smoot 162
this is awesome!

Distances on the bridge are indicated with a colored paint mark every Smoot and a number every ten Smoots. Biannually, the pledge class of Lambda Chi Alpha repaints the markings with a new color. The police have come to accept the Smoot marks. In fact, they use the markers to indicate locations when filing accident reports. After the bridge was rebuilt in the late 1980s, the Smoot markings reappeared and the tradition continued. For the record, one Smoot is 5' 7" long.

so i saw club dread and the passion of the christ. the passion made me cry a lot, and actually i cried pretty hard, too...maybe just a teensy less than the end of AI. club dread was pretty good. some choice boobies (including jordan ladd! sweet!) and some pretty good jokes. i'm kind of sad they got such a smackdown this weekend at the box office.

this weekend: disney world. prolly animal planet.
next weekend: butterly ball at a charity i'm a patron of. first time getting a tux since i was 19.
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