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the last episode of sex and the city has me a bit unnerved...i mean,… - don't let the bastards grind you down.
the last episode of sex and the city has me a bit unnerved...i mean, we all knew she was going to end up with mr. big (and his name is 'john'...heh.), cause it was obvious they were soulmates, but i'm unhappy that everybody fell in love and is getting what they want.

maybe it's just me, but i'm kinda bitter about it, i guess. i'm just unsettled. plus, i hate when sagas end. it always gets me.

and i procrastinated SO BADLY this weekend...to the tune of "i have to get a maid like RIGHT FUCKING NOW or i'm gonna vomit"

and there's this girl. i don't know what's going on, but we're hanging out whenever we can...which isn't often, because she works out of town, and then spends a lot of time that she's in town hanging out with friends. i REALLY don't know if it's anything, but we've made plans to do some cool things (disney, and i have a gala coming up that she's going to go to with me). it's pretty cool....but we're nothing alike. she was a hell-raiser growing up, she used to smoke (but just quit last month), she's into hip-hop and r&b, and this scares the shit out of me long-term. but she has an awesome, uplifting personality, she's pretty smart (though she doesn't apply herself AT ALL...grr...), and she's cute.

Poll #252688 dating

so...should i date a pretty, sweet woman who i couldn't have less in common with?

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christy_p From: christy_p Date: February 23rd, 2004 09:00 am (UTC) (Link)
go out with her. have fun with her.

someone once told me not to think so much and just take it as it comes, enjoy today...sounds like good advice to apply here too.


taumeson From: taumeson Date: February 23rd, 2004 09:03 am (UTC) (Link)


heh...yeah, i did that last time.
swolfe From: swolfe Date: February 23rd, 2004 09:16 am (UTC) (Link)


well, you have to put limits on things..having babies and getting married is not "just having fun".
christy_p From: christy_p Date: February 23rd, 2004 09:33 am (UTC) (Link)


maybe i should clarify a tad bit...

what i meant was that you're looking far into the future with someone you're kinda dating.

since that is the current situation, just enjoy it. if it gets more serious, then start considering the other things.
From: ex_clevergir259 Date: February 23rd, 2004 09:17 am (UTC) (Link)
Yes! Go out and have a good time!

No matter how she was when she was younger, she's good to be with now, right?
From: petee Date: February 23rd, 2004 02:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
sorry I say no. Although I am a bit synical lately so my advice may not be the best!
Yeah it's great to have fun in the here and now but the way I see it....why waste your time!
I have been hurt and disappointed by the one person I thought knew and respected me. I don't want to spend time with someone if I know there is no future.
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