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here's some ROTK goodness for y'all. it's a list of places that… - don't let the bastards grind you down.
here's some ROTK goodness for y'all. it's a list of places that match the book exactly and other sorts of trivia. neat stuff.

evie's at her moms. i've got two weeks to occupy myself. already went out last night, but it's slightly boring whooping the same people in NTN bar trivia over and over again. eventually they're going to want to stop playing.

we might be getting a suite new years eve in sarasota. that could be nice, but it'll prolly fall through.

i played socom II last night. it's pretty cool, but i liked splinter cell better.

i need to exercise, also. i go to bed too late, so it should prolly be in the evenings, when i don't go out. i should probably do something kind of extreme, considering i've only got two weeks to really do whatever i want and a lot of water weight to lose. shrug. i was thinking about going to a karate place for a few weeks, just to get my reflexes more in tune. shrug.
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christy_p From: christy_p Date: December 30th, 2003 10:52 am (UTC) (Link)
hey you! i didn't tell ya Merry Christmas, sorry 'bout that. Hope you guys had a great one.

you'll have to come visit us in greenville after we get situated.

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