Writer's Block: Hit the road, Cupid

If you had the power, would you permanently eliminate Valentine's Day?

Nah, I wouldn't eliminate Valentine's Day. As much as I think we have too many nonsense holidays, Valentine's Day serves its purpose for those of us in a relationship.

The problem is ESCALATION. Doing something small and nice for your partner, that's one thing. But it seems that every holiday becomes more and more consumer driven and you have to buy more and more. That's just ridiculous.

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This coming year marks my 10 year LJ anniversary. Plenty of people have been LJing for longer, and it's not like most of us use it much anymore. I realized I just have kind of a boring life. Work, kids, church, repeat. I make sure to keep things interesting in a family sense, with trips to Disney World, drives down to Jersey to see family, etc. But I wonder how interesting it would be to others to hear the same shit that they see in mini via Twitter and Facebook.

Anyway, I shelled out for a permanent account many moons ago. I'm not goin' anywhere. :)

espn's page 2 take on the cardinals

So you have the Cardinals beating the Seahawks in Week 17, then the Falcons in Round 1, and now, potentially, the Eagles in the NFC title game. Meanwhile, if the Ravens topple the Steelers, then the Cardinals could potentially beat every other NFL team with a bird nickname during their improbable five-game winning streak to capture the Super Bowl, and if that's not enough, birds took down Thursday's U.S. Airways flight heading from New York to Charlotte ... the city that's home to the team Arizona beat five days ago in Round 2. All I can tell you is this: Something better not happen to Larry Bird. You hear me, Arizona? Leave the Basketball Jesus out of your weird bird vendetta! Got it?

Writer's Block: Goal!

Goooooooooaaaaaaaaalllllll! Today marks the anniversary of football (soccer) star Pele's 1000th goal. Why has professional footie never caught on in the United States?

a number of factor. low scores, little violence, and unless you're really familiar with what's going on, there's a whole lot of nothing. setting up a breakaway can take 45 seconds of nothing but passing the ball back and forth, drawing the defenders forward. that shit is tedious.

a bit about the marines

so here's the thing. marines are really into 'esprit de corps', which the marines take to mean a real combat brotherhood. it's based around the idea that once you put your life on the line for somebody, and they in turn put their life on the line for you, you're linked. they instill this in boot camp and OCS, and it's backed up by firefights and surviving an IED. it's the biggest reason marines are all 'oorah' and 'semper fi' and have a shitload of bumper stickers.

i never had it. i wanted to be a marine, but i didn't want to be a brother to the idiots i had to deal with on a daily basis. it really affected my performance because i was rarely motivated.


fuckers. what. the. shit.